Article 1 [Purpose]

These terms and conditions use the Internet-related services (hereinafter referred to as the “services”) (hereinafter referred to as the “company”) provided by the website "" (hereinafter referred to as "Utoimage") operated by Bibitry Co., Ltd., aiming to Specify the rights/obligations and responsibilities of users.

Article 2 (Definitions)

"Uto Image" refers to a virtual business place established by a "company" that uses information and communication facilities such as computers to provide users with goods or services and digital content to process goods or services and digital content.

"Users" refer to members and non-members who access "Uto Image" and receive services provided by "Uto Image" in accordance with these terms and conditions, and must comply with the "Content Licensing Regulations".

"Member" means a business operator or personal law that is registered as a member by providing personal information to "Uto Image" operated by the "Company" and provided by Yuto Image in accordance with the use policies of "Uto Image" and "Content License"." Refers to the person who uses the service.

"Non-member" refers to a person who uses the service provided by "Uto Image" without registration.

"Automatic payment" refers to a payment method that automatically pays monthly through a payment method such as a credit card.

"Termination" refers to the termination of the service contract by the company or member.

Article 3 (Provisions and Modifications of Terms and Conditions)

The company should display the content of these terms and conditions on the initial service screen (front) of "Uto Image" so that users can understand the content of the terms and conditions, company name, business location, representative's name, business registration number and contact information. Its posted. However, users can view the content of these terms and conditions through the connection screen.

The company can modify these terms and conditions within the scope of not violating relevant laws, such as the "Terms and Conditions Regulation Act", "Basic Law of Electronic Transactions", "Electronic Signature Law", "Information and Communication Promotion Law". Internet use and consumer protection law.

When the company revises the terms and conditions, the application date and reason for the revision will be specified and announced on the initial screen of the "Uto Image" website, as well as the current terms and conditions from 3 days before the effective date to the effective date. The day before the effective date.

If the company modifies the terms and conditions, the revised terms and conditions only apply to contracts signed after the effective date, while the pre-modified terms and conditions apply to contracts signed before that date. However, if a user who has already signed a contract will send the company an intent to receive the application of the revised terms and conditions within the notice period of the revised terms and conditions in accordance with paragraph 3, the revised terms and conditions shall apply.

Matters not specified in these terms and conditions and the interpretation of these terms and conditions shall comply with e-commerce consumer protection guidelines and relevant laws or business practices formulated by the government.

Article 4 (Provision and Change of Services)

The company performs the following tasks:

1) Provide

Information about goods or services and digital content and sign a purchase contract 2) Transmission and delivery of goods or services and digital content with a purchase contract

3) Other tasks determined by the company

The company may change the content of products or services and the digital content to be provided in future contracts due to reasons such as providing products or changing technical specifications.

Article 5 (Stop Service)

In the event of maintenance, inspection/replacement of information and communication facilities such as computers, or communication interruption, the company may temporarily suspend the provision of services.

In the event of service interruption as described in paragraph 1, the "Company" will notify the user in the manner prescribed in Article 11.

If you have not used the mileage or points obtained from "Yuto Image" within one year, this is a prescribed limit and it will automatically expire.

Article 6 (Conclusion of Member Use Contract)

The member's use contract expresses the user's agreement to the "Uto Image"'s "Member Subscription Terms", "Content License Rules" and "Privacy Information Processing Policy" intent to apply for the use of "Uto Image".

When the user applies for the use of "Yuto Image" and the company approves the use, a use contract will be established. However, if it is a member who pays a fixed fee, it can be approved for use after confirming that the membership registration fee has been paid according to the service.

A membership contract is established when the "company" agrees to reach the member via email or SMS (mobile phone text message), or when the member registers for the first time when logging in with the required ID account. Establish a use contract.

During the member registration process, by checking "I agree to the above terms and conditions" in the "Uto Image" member registration procedure, the member agrees to this usage policy.

If a minor under the age of 19 wishes to use the paid service and obtains the consent of the legal representative such as his parents, or fails to obtain approval after signing the contract, the minor or the legal representative can cancel the contract.

Article 7 (Application for Member Use)

Users who wish to become members must register all the information required by the company (real name, contact information, mobile phone number, e-mail, address, company name, company number, etc.), and shall not make false records. If the information does not match the registered information, the user cannot claim any rights.

All member IDs applied for by embezzling another person’s name will be deleted and may be punished in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

The company can classify the members who use this service by level (license), and subdivide the number of uses, service menu, bonus payment, etc. to distinguish their purposes.

If all the information registered by the member is changed, the member himself must make the change in [My Zone> Edit My Information] of "Uto Image".

Article 8 (Member Admission Fee)

All services of "Uto Image" classify members according to the user's content usage purpose, and charge a subscription fee, and the subscription fee and service period of each member may vary depending on the company's situation. If there is a change, then It may be different. Must be notified in advance through the website.

Membership classification

1) Free member: The member who can use the free service in "Uto Image" after the company uses the permission, and the period of use is before the member withdraws.

2) Paid members: Members who can use free/paid services in "Yuto Image" after being approved by the company, the period of use and the fees for registering paid members are [Purchase] Please refer to the page.

Article 9 (Grant/Change and Use Period of Member ID)

The company only provides one ID to its members. For individuals (including individual business owners), one ID is provided for one person or one business registration number, and for companies or groups, one ID is provided based on one business registration number. If there are other branches (branch, branch, office, etc.) in addition to the headquarters (headquarters, head office), you must subscribe to the branch (branch, branch, office, etc.) separately from the headquarters. office.

The company provides members with different login names (simultaneous users) for purchasing products (image packages, monthly memberships). If you use the same ID to log in more than the provided login names (simultaneous users), one of the existing logged-in members must log out to use it. It cannot be used until the existing logged-in member logs out.

If you want to add the number of multiple logins (simultaneous access), you can apply in [Service Information>Add the number of simultaneous connections]. If the number of multiple logins (simultaneous access) is increased, the number of licenses will increase the cost of an additional person.

The use period of free members lasts until the member withdraws. The use period of fixed members (paid members) varies according to the type of registered member. For more details [purchase] please refer to the page.

After the paid membership expires, all paid members will be automatically converted to free members without notice, and the rights and obligations of free members apply.

Article 10 (Cancellation of membership and loss of qualifications, etc.)

Members can request withdrawals from the company at any time, and the company will process the withdrawals immediately.

The company can immediately restrict or suspend membership if the member violates the member’s obligations under Article 16 Clause 9 due to any of the following reasons. Currently, members cannot claim a refund of the subscription fee, and if the company suffers a loss, it must compensate for the loss.

1) If you register false information when you apply for subscription (however, if someone else’s ID is stolen, please follow Article 7

2 models. ) 2) The use of "Yuto Image" and other "in the case of failure to pay the debts borne by the member using Yuto Image on the due date

3) Information in the case of interfering with others' use of "Yuto Image" or threatening electronic transaction orders (such as stealing goods)

4) "Yuto Image" is used if the prohibition or behavior of laws and terms is contrary to yangsok public order, use "

5) Article 16, paragraph 9, in the case of violation of the scope-related license terms, the fourth member company of the company or its members may request other contracts or corrections via e-mail, etc., if the other contract is not made within 7 days Contracts or corrections may immediately restrict or suspend membership.

After the company restricts/suspends membership, if the same operation is repeated two or more times or the cause is not corrected within 30 days, the company may lose membership.

If the company loses its membership, the membership registration will be cancelled. In this case, the member will be notified and given an opportunity to explain before canceling the member registration.

Even if the company withdraws from membership, member information and download records will be encrypted and stored in the company to protect copyright.

Article 11 (to members)

When the company informs the member, it can be done through the email address or SMS (mobile phone short message) submitted by the member to the company. Therefore, if the email address is changed, the member must directly change it in [My Area>Edit My Information] of "Uto Image".

In the case of notifying a large number of unspecified members, the company posted on "Yuto Image" for more than a week, which is considered to have the same effect as a personal notification.

However, any matters that have a significant impact on the member's own transactions will be notified separately via email.

By notifying members in accordance with the method described in paragraph 2, the company is deemed to have fulfilled all notification obligations to members. The same applies when the rights are infringed, such as when a third party claims the copyright of the provided content.

Article 12 (Withdrawal and Refund)

Due to the nature of digital content, in principle, once downloaded, "Uto Image" paid membership subscription fees (including cash) and network currency (chips, points) will not be refunded or refunded.

In addition, "Uto Image" indicates that it is a "paid service that cannot be revoked." This is to inform consumers that their subscription cannot be cancelled due to the provisions of Article 17, paragraph 3 of the Consumer Protection Act in Electronic Commerce and Article 27, paragraphs 1 and 2 of the Content Industry Promotion Law. However, the member can request to cancel the subscription within 7 days from the date of approval, and the following amount will be refunded.

1) If you are a paying member, you will get a refund after deducting the following items from the membership subscription amount.

    One kind. 10% of the paid membership subscription amount is deducted.

    b. The list price will be deducted based on the intended use of the downloaded content.

    ※The number according to the purpose of use is based on the image package (single image package, extended image package).

    C. If the amount in items a and b exceeds the member's paid fees, no refunds will be made.

2) When requesting a refund of online currency (chips, points), the refund will be made after deducting the following items.

    One kind. 10% of network currency (chips, points) charges (payment fees) are deducted.

    b. When registering as an ordinary member (paid member), all free bonus network money (chips, points) will be deducted in full.

    C. The ratio of network currency to cash is (Chip: Cash = 2: 1), (Point: Cash = 1: 1).

    d. In the online currency held by the member, when the fixed-line member (paid member) expires or the payment date (cumulative date) exceeds 1 year, Chip and Points will be automatically extinguished without any notice.

        Then in any case will be used or refund is not.

The company will notify the difference between the deducted and refunded amount within 3 working days from the date of receipt of the refund request, and refund within 3 working days in the same way as the payment.

When refunding the above payment, the company should require payment companies such as credit card companies to immediately stop or cancel the billing for the user when the member pays with a credit card, etc. However, if the amount in paragraph 1 must be reduced, it will be refunded in accordance with the method determined by the company.

Article 13 (Protection and Use of Personal Information)

The company is committed to protecting users' personal information in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, including member registration information, and the company's "Personal Information Processing Policy" applies to the protection and use of users' personal information. However, due to user reasons, we are not responsible for any information exposed.

Article 14 (Company’s Obligations)

The company shall not take actions prohibited by the law and these terms and conditions or behaviors that violate public order and ethics, and shall do its best to continuously and stably provide the goods/services specified in these terms and conditions.

The company has established a security system to protect personal information, disclosing and complying with the "Personal Information Processing Policy".

In principle, unless the company's business or technology has special problems, the "Uto Image" service provided by the company runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, 7 days a week.

However, if the following situations occur, the company will inevitably temporarily suspend the "Uto Image" service.

1) The company can temporarily suspend the service at the date or time determined by the company for routine system inspection, expansion and replacement,

    Temporary suspension of service due to planned work will be notified in advance on site.

2) Due to unavoidable reasons such as emergency system inspection, expansion or replacement, the company may temporarily suspend the service without prior notice.

    In addition, if there is a reason that the company deems appropriate (such as replacing a new service), after notifying the site in advance,

    The services currently provided may be temporarily stopped completely. However, in this case, members will be notified of the reason and deadline before or after the event.

3) The company can restrict or suspend all or part of the national emergency, power outage or service. However, in this case, members will be notified of the reason and deadline before or after the event.

Article 15 (Obligations of Member ID and Password)

The user is responsible for managing the member’s ID and password, and shall not lend or disclose the ID to others. The member shall bear legal responsibility for ID leakage and illegal use of third parties due to negligence in ID and password management.

If a member realizes that his ID and password have been stolen or used by a third party, he must immediately notify the company and follow the company's instructions.

Article 16 (Member’s Obligations)

When applying for membership or changing membership information, the member must